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Here's how I see people with respect to dogs.
There are three types of people.
1. Dog People - we "get" dogs, appreciate them for their personalities and quirks.
2. Not Dog People with Dogs - people that do not really enjoy being around dogs
3. Not Dog People, no dogs at their house.

Why do some people feel so strongly about dogs to have them share their home and life? Childhood dogs "sunk in?

I sounds to me like you are just not dog people.
I think you husband did you a big disservice by adding a dog to your household expecting you to do most of the work.
At the minimum your husband needs to raise his involvement with the dog and do most of the labor.
Your husbands dog may need a new home.

Talk to your husband about "his"dog.

Good Luck,
Uncle Foster
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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