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First, your husband wanted a dog even though you didn't, convinced you to get a dog despite your hesitancy....and he's making you be the primary care giver?! What? I think that needs to be a discussion!

I absolutely do not blame you for not being able to bond with the dog. You didn't want him in the first place! You're not a bad person or doing something wrong for not liking dogs, and there isn't anything that's magically going to make you like dogs. I understand you're home all day due to the pandemic...but it doesn't mean you're obligated to do anything with what is essentially your husband's dog. You can co-exist in the same house but not really have that much interaction.

For example, my dog is mine, my husband was okay with me getting the dog, but he really doesn't care much for pets. I do all the feeding, training, cleaning, etc, and my husband does essentially nothing, haha, although he'll throw food in the bowl and let the dog out to potty if I'm gone. The dog and the husband co-exist fine, but I wouldn't say they have any strong bond. They don't need one, and neither really seems to desire one. They like each other, but if one or the other were to up and die they'd get over it relatively quickly, as morbid as that sounds! My husband was laid off for two weeks, and he said the dog laid around and slept all day until I got home from work, at which point I did the dog related chores.

So, if you don't like dogs and you don't feel like you can form a bond with an animal you don't like...don't. You'll be much less stressed. But, your husband needs to step up and take care of his dog, and you need to have a discussion about what you are willing to do and what are squarely your husband's jobs!

But, if you're looking to just enjoy the dog a bit more, find a game you both like and play that. My husband has a tennis ball bazooka that he likes to shoot, and the dog likes to chase the balls, obviously. So, every once in a while they'll play that. It's stupid and has no rules but they like it. If I'm gone for an extended period of time that's how my husband exercises the dog, too, haha.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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