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I am not saying this to be mean, but you may have caused the stress and anxiety in your dog.

You say you have anti social tendencies and you hate people. Your dog will know this as you shy away from people and encounters with people. Your feelings of dislike and mistrust create biological changes in you when you encounter people. The dog picks up on this. The dog knows your change in breathing, change in heart rate, your body language such as moving to the side, gripping the leash tighter and so forth.

German Shepherds are bred to partner with their handler. They are sensitive to everything about you. If your tense they go on alert and things can escalate from there. Poorly bred dogs can be very nervy.. so you get tense, the dog gets tense, you get MORE tense and the dog gets more tense ...

The dog you need first and foremost needs to be CONFIDENT and friendly. There are those dogs that seem happy no matter what. Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are a good start, but you need more than a breed. You need a good breeder who understands the dog you need. A dog bred for hunting and field trials would not be a good choice

Service dogs are bred for the job. The job requires a dog that is temperamentally calm and connected to their handler. An emotional support dog is not considered a service dog under ADA, but the temperament of a service dog sounds like what you could use

Puppies are raised for Service dog work. Some "wash out" in training. These dogs are still good dogs and one of these might fit your needs.

I would start by investigating that route to get a dog that would suit your needs. The dog will likely cost some money to buy.

Good luck!
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