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Need a Sounding Board

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So it looks like I'm going back to India for a spell this summer. When I look back at last summer I remember how heartbreaking it was to volunteer at the animal shelter/refuge in Jaipur and I was thinking about things to do to help. Obviously one choice is to volunteer again but, and not to sound whiny, it's really really really heartbreaking. They also won't let you do a whole lot unless you get your rabies shot prior to arrival and all other things being equal getting a rabies vaccine seems ort of dubious to me.

ANYWAY...one idea I had been toying with was to see if I could collect donations of Frontline/Advantix/tick collars. I remember one huge issue was that the dogs there were just covered in ticks. There was one resident, not quite a pet, not quite a shelter dog...his name was Jimmy and I remember seeing engorged ticks on his eyelids, his ears, everywhere. I was thinking it would be small and easy enough to carry over with me but I have some reservations.

My first thought was to contact the companies themselves and ask for donations but I'm not sure if they'll even bother to respond since I'm not officially affiliated with the shelter. So the first issue is logistics of actually gathering the stuff. But the next is I wonder if it's just a small drop in the ocean of problems. Like would it really do any good or is it sort of a good intention but not much else. I don't know. What do y'all think? Any other ideas?
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I think it's a great idea. Think about it this way even if it as you said is just a small drop in the ocean of problems it would have a huge impact on the dogs that got the treatment. It would impact their lives in a big way.
How soon are you leaving? I would consider buying two dozen or more. You are a remarkable person to do this in another country. I feel I would get off easy because I would not have to witness what you see! Poor dogs:(

Which would be better a pure tick collar of a flea & Tick??
PetSmart's clearance has a lot of flea/tick products, go check them out!!! In big boxes in the front of the store or the back of the main aisle. LOTS of flea and tick stuff!!
First I would make sure you can bring it into the country/on the plane. If you can, then definitly do it! It would make a huge difference the dogs that do get the treatment. I would also contact the companies, you never know they may do it. They may even just ship the stuff to the actual shelter.
Thanks for the replies. That's a good point about checking the flight regulations. In addition I may have to see if the topical meds are temperature sensitive. I think the tick prevention collars might be the most ideal but I think I'll see if I can collect whatever I can get. First I'll check with the airlines though. If it's a go from them I'm going to go check out the clearance racks, solicit the companies and friends/relatives and buy up whatever I can afford. I'll keep y'all updated if I get a greenlight in case any of you bleeding hearts on DF want to contribute. :D
Also check with customs on both ends since you will bringing it into another country. Let me know if you can do it, I can send a box of something.
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