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NC - new puppy adopted. Private training?

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Based in charlotte NC. Adopted a ten week old puppy. Looking for a dog behaviorist/ trainer for private training sessions.
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I have no affiliation with any trainer in NC, but just based on websites, I'd maybe try this one:
http://www.doghavendogs.com/about us.html

This also seems like a good resource to find a trainer who won't use aversive tools on your puppy:

I've worked with a small number of owners who chose private lessons for their young puppies because they did not want the group class experience, group training did not align with their schedules, or they wanted a trainer all to themselves for an hour for a more tailored approach. I actually love those lessons because they are a nice, easy break from the usual fear/aggression/reactivity/bite history cases :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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