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We love our 4 year old corgi/border collie cross. He's warm, affectionate, playful, comical, witty, consistently enthusiastic, smart...etcetera..sound like a biased parent?:wave:
But there are a few things we'd like to iron out:
1) At a particular park we visit,he is easily distracted by potential food freebies eg. bones, throw aways. We have him off the leash at the time, chasing the ball which otherwise he is quite focussed on returning.
2) Also he is still distracted by other dogs/gardeners and neighbours. (this is at any park we visit)
3) he jumps on us and others as a way of greeting..which we have tried to address by ignoring but doesn't seem to work.
4) at the end of our ball reitrieve game, he has gradually beocme more possessive of the ball. Last few months he flat refuses to give us the ball back, when we are ready to go home. Even growled at us.
5) can be quite possessive about most toys but not as bad as food. Very protective about food. We would never dare try to get a bone back from him that he finds at the park.

This is our first dog which is some excuse I suppose but I feel quite ashamed of our lack of dog training awareness. I know we should have put our hands down his throat as a puppy but we weren't aware of its importance.

Do you think we need a dog behaviourist? Seem ridiculously expensive to me.
Any response welcome. Thanks for reading
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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