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Natural Flea Prevention

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I hope that I am asking this in the correct forum. I figured it would fit either here or the health forum......

Anyway, everyone knows that we are now getting into flea season. I had been using Frontline Plus, but have been looking into more natural type flea prevention because the more I read, the more I hesitate to use chemicals on my dogs (and cats). I am of the frame of mind that the less chemicals I use around the house the better, especially with my kids and all of my animals.

I have read about DeFlea shampoo, but couldn't really find out too much about the active ingredients, just a bunch of really scientific stuff that I don't understand. I am guessing that by the manufacturers name, their products are based off of natural ingredients? Anyone know of any adverse reactions by animals to their products? Does anyone have any experience with them and do they work well?

I was also reading on another site about lab owners that use a garlic powder supplement in their dog's food to help with the fleas. I was also wondering if anyone here does this? Are there any adverse reactions to adding garlic to a dog's diet? Does it really help with preventing fleas? And (possibly a silly question) does the dog end up with a garlic smell to them? Or would it be fairly unnoticeable?

We are also going to treat the yard with diatomacious (sp???) earth. This has really helped us in keeping bugs at bay.

Are there any other better methods of natural flea prevention out there? I am really wanting to go more natural, but my GSD mix gets bad flea allergy dermatitis, so that is also something for me to keep in mind. Thank you for any responses and suggestions!! Sorry if this was a little long!!
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I have heard wonder stories about garlic. I also have clients with 3 airedales, that travel weekly to obedience shows, etc. and they have sworn by feeding garlic for years. They never have had fleas since doing this, and swear it works like a charm. I don't know how much they give their dogs...but yes..they reek of garlic....especially their breath. I always thought that garlic was toxic to dogs...but apparently not? as I see garlic powder supplements, etc. IMO, any shampoo is not going to be effective. The lasting effects are going to be extremely minimal...and you would have to be using is every other day or something crazy. I would look into the garlic if you want as natural as possible..there really is something to it.
There are garlic sprays that you can spray your yard with. They are said to keep mosquitos, ticks and fleas away from your yard. I used some last year with mixed results as my yard is 2 acres. David
Garlic is great... I know a couple that takes garlic pill year round and they have never once been bitten by any blood feeding insect.
We are also going to treat the yard with diatomacious (sp???) earth. This has really helped us in keeping bugs at bay.
In addition to treating your yard, you can also rub some on your dog and even feed it (it's also a great natural wormer). Make sure you get FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth, however. http://www.dirtworks.net/Diatomaceous-Earth.html

You can also use Pure Neem Oil to make a natural spray and shampoo: http://www.discoverneem.com/neem-oil-for-dogs.html

Neem Leaf Powder/Capsules can be fed.

I'm using a combination of the three for natural flea/tick prevention. We live in an area with a lot of ticks and Lyme Disease.
You may have heard about this before, but I used to use Frontline Plus until one of my dogs had somewhat of a reaction to it. So, I now use a natural supplement from Springtime, Inc. called Bug-off Garlic. I use the chews, but it also comes in powder form. My dogs do not smell like garlic at all! Their breath may smell for a short period of time right after they take their tablet, but it doesn't last long. I give it every day. I do give a slightly reduced dose as my 3 don't really go outside all that much. The dosage is easy to follow. IMO, it does work! At least for us. Here's the website....

They have other supplements as well (I use the joint-health chews and I've used the fresh factors and stress-free calmplex). They also have supplements for humans and horses. My husband uses the joint-health capsules.

Watch this if anyone has questions on flea and tick products...

What kills insects? Pesticides..

What has been known to kill countless humans and animals? Pesticides..

Why on Earth, would anyone knowingly put a fatal poison on there animals?
Thanks everyone for the posts!! I really appreciate all of your feedback and links that y'all posted. I will definitely take a look at all of them!

I have read about the Bug-Off Garlic, I am looking more into the powder form. It seems a bit easier to be able to just mix it into my boys' food.

And the Neem seems really interesting, I am going to have to read into it a little more, but I really appreciate this suggestion.

I am wondering why it is that more people do not use the natural type remedies? More of a curiosity question really. Until I started reading more about it online, I have not known anyone that uses any of these methods.

Are there any drawbacks to these?
I am aware that a little more time and effort goes into using these products, but doesn't seem like anything major. I am also aware that things like the garlic take a bit of time to work. They also seem a bit more economical than Frontline....

I had just one more question. Do y'all use these methods year round, or just during flea season?

Thanks again for all of the replies!!
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The only topical I use on my dogs is NEEM oil shampoo, it works for any insect, mite or fungal infection. I've used it for fleas as well as for Demodex and it works VERY well, there is also a repellent spray with Neem oil in it that works great and I've used it on my dogs and on horses to keep away flies. Neem is safe for most mammals and can also be used as a natural insectide/miticide/antifungal on plants as delicate as orchids. I get my neem products from www.neemtreefarms.com
I've been diluting eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle of water and spraying it on everything. We'll see how it works. If I have any problems I'll be looking for neem oil.
Like I mentioned, the Bug-off Garlic does come in powder form. I do use the chewables year-round. I don't know why really, probably don't need to, but I feel there are other benefits to garlic that might help using it year-round. Good luck!
Carla, I was very excited to read your post and I did some research on the Neem oil and it is pretty interesting. I have been looking for a natural alternative to the chemicals that I have putting on my dogs and I think I may have found what I am looking for. Anyway, the product I have been using took care of fleas, ticks, heartworms and a few other things. Do you use something else for heartworms?
I use a liquid Ivermectin solution from my vet for heartworm prevention. I know it's still a harsh chemical, but I KNOW it works and the liquid ivermectin is 1/10 the price of Heartgaurd (which is the same active ingredient). I just can't take chances with heartworm, I know Neem leaf is effective on intestinal parasites though.
Neem oil shampoos rock.. However beware because they smell hideous.. ha ha.. they are strong and nasty.. I haven't met one groomer yet that doesn't gag when they smell a neem shampoo.
So does the bad smell stay with the dogs and they smell like they need a bath? LOL I have some ordered, so I guess I will be finding out.
Neem oil shampoos rock.. However beware because they smell hideous.. ha ha.. they are strong and nasty.. I haven't met one groomer yet that doesn't gag when they smell a neem shampoo.
I wouldn't go THAT far. I certainly didn't gag! I added a generous portion of neem oil to a bit of oatmeal shampoo. It just has a nutty smell. And, no, my dog didn't smell bad afterwards.
I've been diluting eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle of water and spraying it on everything. We'll see how it works. If I have any problems I'll be looking for neem oil.
I'll be interesed to see if that works for you. I know that the Springer we had when I was growing up in East County San Diego never had a flea (and only one tick) until we moved away from that house. We had eucalyptus trees there and the dog would often roll in the leaves and generally slept in them also. I've often wondered if that kept the nasty bugs away.
I would be interested in how the eucalyptus oil works for you too!

Thanks again for all the suggestions everyone!! I really appreciate it.

I'm waiting on my orders for garlic powder and neem oil. I'll be sure to let y'all know how things are working for me as well.
the spray I use is called Sprouts Spray for people and pets, works great and smells REALLY good becasue it contains lavender and Ceder oils as well as the Neem, I think Neem Tree Farm has a shampoo that is similar in composition d=so the neem smell isn't as dominant. Here's their pet products page, http://neemtreefarms.com/pet-care-c-125.html
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