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Nasty eye stains? How do you deal with them??

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Hey! I recently visited my sister and she was really concerned about her 2 yo Bichon which recently started having stain marks below his eyes. She did went to the vet and he recommended just cleaning the area around the eye with wet towel every morning. 2 weeks later it's still the same. This really got me interested what people are doing to stop it, of course she already scheduled a vet visit but I just had to do my own research as well :flypig: Thank you in advance!
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If the tear staining has just started, I'd ask what it the dog's environment has recently changed. If she switched him to a different food, that could be the cause.

Otherwise, allergies of some kind could be flaring up. As mentioned, hair could be irritating the eyes, causing excessive tearing, or the tear ducts could be blocked.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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