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I'm going to take my dog to the vet again soon, but I'm curious if people have thoughts on if/what might be ailing her as the vet seems relatively baffled.

Here are her symptoms:
restless, pants frequently, drools, and frequently eating grass.

She's a border collie, so the restlessness might be breed specific, but the others seem more illness related. I'm not asking for a diagnosis - the vet will do that - but some leads so I can learn more and keep an eye out for additional symptoms that might help in narrowing down the potential source.

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If your 1st Vet is perplexed and unable, then I'd suggest going to a 2nd Vet for another exam and evaluation.

What was she doing before this behavior set in?

Just a WAG......could be anything from parasites to ingested poison or foreign object
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