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Name this mixed breed!

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Hi Friends,

My wife and I recently rescued a doggy, and we believe we have homed-in on its mix: papillon and miniature pinscher. Here are a couple photos:

The guess on the mix seems right, no? So here is our question: what fun mixed breed names do we have for a papillon-miniature pinscher? Googling did not give us any options!


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I think Min Pin x Papillon is a good guess. Something about the face seems a little Chihuahua-y to me, too. You can call him whatever you want, of course, but there's no real way to know that's what he is. If you're really interested, you could look into a DNA test like WIsdom Panel or other brands.

The only mash up of that name I can think of currently would be a Min Pinillon (pin-ee-yon).

Super cute little guy! Congrats on the new addition.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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