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Namaskar Friends,
I am owner of 3 puppies and I would like to know their names.

Someone told me that they are St. Bernard Mix.

Any response will be appreciable.


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Size and weight growth for age are factors for guessing. Best guess is by age 3 months if they are giant breed mix. Coat texture and length . ( I was cat show breeder; didn't breed dogs much. Only Chow Chows but I worked as assessor and rehab at a shelter for 3 years) How rare a breed in your location is a factor. Also the likelihood of anyone within 10 miles owning a giant breed like a St Bernard. The coloring is not that unique. Bernese mountain dogs, collies, hunting dogs.. many dogs can have that coloration including masking, even corgis. Bernard mixes have very short faces until 2-3 months (then the longer face will grow out) Look how short the snouts are in my newborns from foxy nosed breeds.
My double merle augieXaugie litter example . A red chow mix with white can be a brown/sable dog with black mask all the way to near adulthood but will end up red with no or minimal mask. These puppies are already 8 inches long and 1 lb from two small breeds.

Or my wolf hybrids 2 pups in the following pic with the GSD (papered mother) puppy same age pup.


They share in common mini aussie shepherd

>>example of papered & shown red and white masked cardigan corgi
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