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My pup is 11 months old and she knows her basic commands but at the same time she won't come to me when I'm calling her, how do you honestly get the dogs to know your talking to them and that they need to come to you??

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Here is a copy my trainer gave me:

Playing the Name Game

Your goal is to condition your dog to have a knee-jerk reaction to the sound of his name. He
should eventually even turn around to look at you in the eyes when you call his name.

Start by making it easy for him, with him right next to you. Call your puppy’s name. ONCE.

Click/treat him the INSTANT his eyes meet yours.

If he doesn’t yet understand he is to look in your eyes, you look into his eyes and click that instant. Try to repeat in rapid-fire succession.

As he gets better at it, increase the distance between you and him.

Guard against asking him to do it when you can tell he's distracted; that will come later.

Also coming later will be the next step: you'll call his name, he'll look at you (from far away, even!) and instead of the click/treat, you'll give him something to

You'll start with things he loves to do--like playing with a toy--and then you'll work up to asking for something you'd love for him to do (like come to you," leave it, "etc).

And try always to be aware of what you’re saying to your puppy: you may catch yourself calling his name over and over when he’s not yet conditioned to respond to it. You will make the conditioning process go much more slowly unless you are consistent: say it once; get the eye contact; reward your puppy!

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Jenneses has good advice on teaching a dog its name, but recall isn't the same as a name. Recall, i.e., "come!", means "come to me right now", a name just means "you, i'm talking to you". Kabota will look up when I say his name, but he doesn't come running.

Teaching recall just requires work, and not all dogs are reliable off leash. (Mine, for example.) Don't call a dog unless you believe he will come while you are training. Attach a long lead and pull him to you (gently) if you must. Don't keep yelling "come!" over and over again. Give the command once and if it doesn't work, reel him in with a leash. Give a treat, a really great treat, for every successful recall, even leashed ones. Make recall the most rewarding possible experience for your dog. Do not ever call your dog to you and punish them or do something they don't like, such as nail trimming. Go to the dog in those situations.

If your dog is playing, recall, then release the dog to play. Don't use recall to end fun times, or he'll avoid coming when called.

I would suggest that if recall isn't working, switch words. If you've been using "come", switch to "here". Retrain using that word.

One note: I've seen people do this. They use "come here" as their recall word, but they pronounce it "c'mere". The dog isn't responding, so they start articulating the words separate, "come here". To a dog, "c'mere" and "come here" are two totally different things.
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