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Nail clipping help

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I used to take Ilya to the groomers or the vet to get his nails clipped, however, he is now giving them a hard time so I thought about trying this myself. I bought a heavy duty clippers that look similar to wire cutters and it takes a bit to get him used to the idea of me clipping. He still acts like it's uncomfortable, could it be pinching his quick? I looked at the other type of clippers where you insert the nail into a hole and squeeze the handles to "clip" the nails and wondered if this would be a better buy.

Any suggestions?

I'm working on getting him used to a very patient groomer, so far he likes her but won't let her touch his paw yet.
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Can Ilya be calm and comfortable when you touch his paw?? Just touch,not grubbing. Paws is sensitive body parts and,touching paws was one of the thing I did a lot when my dog was puppy. If your dog were not comfortable,then try touch the paw just a bit then,click,treat and repeat these until he is comfortable.

Then,next,grub the paw lightly and if he were ok,click and treat.

If grubbing for a few seconds were okay,then,touch the paw with tip of clipper(don't cut nail yet),and click and treat.

After the repetitive of these, you can clip one nail and big praise with yummy treats. Give him very high valued treats for this and you do not have to clip the all nail per time.One nail is ok. Eventually,he will be comfortable enough to be handled with clipper.I usually have special treats that I only give my dog after nail clip.So,she runs to me and be patient for clipping nail andshe enjoy nice treats with nice long massage.

I like Millers clipper with orange handle.It works quite good.
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