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Mystery tummy bloat

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Hello, I'm sorry; but this will be a long post.
Our 5 yo speyed Golden Retriever Amber is experiencing visible tummy swelling.
Some history: 6 weeks ago, we noticed that suddenly, or what seemed to be suddenly, Amber's tummy had become huge with a girth of 89 cm (35"). We rushed her to our Vet who after examination diagnosed fluid build up in her abdomen and the need for an ultrasound. She was admitted, and in fact had 2, but both were inconclusive, except to comfirm the fluid there. A sample was then extracted under sedation, and we were advised that the fluid was blood and she would need a CT scan to find its source. At $2,500 for the scan and then the cost of up to $2,000 for probable surgery, this was beyond our means and so the next best option was to draw as much fluid as possible and hope she would at least be comfortable.
They took 2.5litres!!! But it turned out to be a clear fluid, not blood and the vets were totally confused as they expected to find a huge tumour somewhere in her abdomen. We brought amber home with warnings that she may only stay OK for maybe a day and to be prepared to wake one morning and find her passed away.
She was fine! Her appetite, mood, activity levels were normal and no signs of discomfort. A check-up a week later she was still fine.
We decided to measure her girth regularly before meals, and she has stayed stable with no increase in measurement other than a centimetre either way.
Now, 6 weeks later, it's happening again. Over the past 2 days her girth has increased from 78cm (31") to 82cm (32.5"). In all other ways she's fine.
Does anyone have any clue what is causing this. I fear cancer; but where? :(
Thank you.
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I've seen bloat associated with lymphoma once and hemangiosarcoma twice. However, the lymphoma and one of the hemangiosarcoma cases had ultrasounds, and in both cases it showed. The other hemangiosarcoma was diagnosed from the fluid removed, which looked like pure blood.

I'm so sorry you're going through this and hope you get an answer soon.
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