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Hello everyone,

I've only posted on here one or two other times - my last one regarding my Toller puppy getting along with our older dog. Now that he's almost 5 months old, I'm happy to say that the two of them are best friends who play all the time. However, I have a new issue that I'm hoping the more experienced dog owners can chime in on.

Background info: When our puppy was about 12-13 weeks old, he started dribbling or leaking pee, would pee when he walked and had to go outside every 15-30 minutes. Sidenote: In the first three weeks of owning him, he learned to sit by the door when he needed to go outside and rarely had an accident indoors. We found out that he had a UTI and treated him with meds. After two weeks of meds, we didn't really notice any improvement either with his dribbling/leaking or any lengthening of time between going out to pee, so we had another urine sample analyzed. This time he didn't have an infection but blood and crystals present instead. We switched his diet for 10 days, took another urine sample, and found he no longer had anything in his system.

Unfortunately, despite this good news, we STILL hadn't noticed an improvement in his ability to hold it past 30 minutes before going to the door. If we denied him going outside in an attempt to make him hold it longer, he would leak/dribble again, but not pee in our place. Seeing the lack of improvement, our vet recommended one last kind of medication in case there is anything prostate related. He's been on it for four days, and we may be seeing slight improvement, but not much at all.

Now, having been through all of this, I am starting to come to the realization that while tending to his medical needs, we may have inadvertently trained him to have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes (approximately). I say this because he holds it in his crate for 4-5 hours without peeing in it. My question to all of you - how do I get him to hold longer without him dribbling/leaking when we go past when he thinks he's ready?

My plan is to set an egg timer for gradually longer times as we let him out - building up to over an hour. I'm not going to set my expectations past an hour or an hour and a half at this point.

Are there any other recommendations about approaches to take? I'm very interested to hear everyone's opinion.

Thanks for the help,
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