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My wonderful idea...wasn't so wonderful after all...

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Uallis likes to run off...he doesn't go far; just down in the woods to a nearby creek. He likes to lay in it to cool off. It wouldn't be such a big deal but there is an area that he can cross through that meets the road...so Uallis isn't allowed to go into the woods without supervision. The problem is that he likes to make a beeline for the woods at really inconvenient times, like when I'm getting ready to go to work. lol So I had a "wonderful" idea...I'd get the dogs their very own wading pool.

This was the result:

What's this?

This was your wonderful idea, Mom? This is boring...


Yummy...tasty grass...

1 more coming...
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What do you want to do now, Mom?

They both completely ignored it after the initial inspection. They have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever...lol

So...my next 'wonderful' idea is to make it into a sandbox for Eddie to dig in. Knowing my luck, they will ignore the sandbox and dig a giant crater next to it instead...:rolleyes:
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Sometimes you just can't win!!! :cool:
Aww nice try mom!!! Don't feel bad....Otis is the same way--no interest in his pool unless I go in it with him :rolleyes:
Awww, don't ya just hate that? LOL
try throwing some of their fav toys in there....i used to put things in the bottom that they could retrieve--that always got them started.....
I agree with adding toys. Maybe freeze some gallon jugs of water and put some giant ice-cubes in to play with and bounce around.
i am sorry that they weren't so interested! we had a siberian husky growing up and we had a pool like that for him too. he loved it! but, honestly, i don't know how we got him in there to begin with. i think that the toys will really help!
If he is anything like my dog, he'll like it better if you throw a few shovelfuls of mud in there. I set up the kiddie pool and Rusty would only paw at the water. He finally got wet, and immediately rolled in the recently turned-over flower bed. He carried a few dirt clods back to the pool and then he was happy. Seems some dogs don't trust water they can see through.
HAha.. Well now you have to get in it with a bunch of toys and roll around..see if that works..make sure your SO gets that on video please:D

Dozer will get in his pool when I release his supper in it...he has to catch it.. and it is so on after that.
I have since emptied it and its now just laying out in the yard. I thought if I could get them to get into without water then maybe they would eventually get into with water at some point. Uallis still won't get in it but Eddie will with a little coaxing. Also, my boyfriend suggested that when we fill it next that maybe we should just put a little water in it and not fill it up as much as we did last time...the idea is to sort of easy them into it. I hope that our plan works because I know they would really like it if they would just give it a chance. :rolleyes:
that is just to funny!!!!! give it some time.....uh.um.maybe it will work out!!:rolleyes:
Put some toys in and get in yourself, I think they'll come around.
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