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My two spoiled pups

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Hello and yes im new to this site and i am already addicted. I love the helpful feedback that the memebers of this site provide.:) And here i thought i would try to give u all the advantage of seeing/meeting my babies.
Lets hope this works.
This is my 4yr old Visla mix, named Angel
Next to her favorite toy, Monkey

This is my boy, A 7yr Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Titus

And looking handsome:
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Ahhh,corgi! How is he feeling? He looks a lot like my aunt's corgi, gertie:D
Your visla mix is very pretty also!(I just have a thing for the corgis!)
Thank you for showing us!
Your dogs are beautiful! Angel looks really hugable:)
Welcome to the forum btw. Glad you like it here.
I like Angel's color. A very pretty shade of brown...almost auburn. Titus is a cutie too. Welcome to DF. Lots of advice...some good..some not so good. ;)
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Angel is a very neat color! Looks like e there's some G retriever ot lab in her.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Both of my dogs are unique and display their own likes and dislikes. As for angel we honestly dont know what breed shes crossed with besides the visla, she was a dog we rescued!
You have beautiful dogs!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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