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Thought I'd introduce Loki my 1 1/2 to 2yr old Ball Python, and Uther, the ~8 month old Bearded Dragon ^_^

This is Loki:

He's estimated to be about 2yrs old. And last time I measured him, was 41'' long (he shed just yesterday) and weighed 920grams.. and is currently trying to control the laptop mouse :p

I got him about 2 months ago (Jun 3rd) and he's been amazing ^_^ a very sweet boy, after giving him shots for 10days with his face in mine and not a single strike, hiss or bite... I don't worry about him possibly biting me... The next guy you gotta worry about xD

This one, Is Uther:

He's a bit tiny, but his attitude DEFINATLY dosen't match! He's fiesty! He lives with my boyfriend, but I do pet sit when my boyfriend is out of town for any legnth of time for family things, and will be caring for him from the end of November until the end of March or begining of April.

Apparently, he's biten my boyfriend a few times. He's biten me once (he missed his cricket..) but I've been the only one of us two he's climbed on willingly (it scared me at first!) and the pic is when he climbed on me. Now, I must hit submit post because Loki has decided he's no longer content around my neck :rolleyes:
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