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my sister's dog

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this is my sister's dog. she is a 7 (i think) year old lab x. she is a good girly who is such a ham for the camera. she also loves clothes. she has to wear her t-shirts around if she sees one, then she has to "sook" with it for a while after it is taken off. she is one of the silliest dogs i know. she was getting over weight but was recently switched to ephs duck and oatmeal and is losing weight and she barely sheds any more. my sister said her fur is silky soft now and super shiny.

halloween...she gets at least 2 costumes each year. she LOVES them!! btw, my sister's name is robin...

this is a newer picture, a few weeks after the switch to the eagle pack holistic select. lookin' slim!
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What a pretty girl..Dozer says WOOF! and he winked.
hahaha! i will pass that on when i talk to my sister next ;)
Marge sends a friendly tail wag Kaiser's way. :D

What a lovely dog. Does Iorek ever get to play with her?
no :( my sister lives in huntsville, ontario and i live in dartmouth, nova scotia! it would be a little far to go for a playdate :D kaiser is a little too old for a "puppy" to play with her. i thought about it a little more and i think that she is getting close to 9 years old.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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