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My pup's getting spayed on Monday!

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And I am scared :( I really shouldn't be, my first dog was spayed and she seems fine....but had a really hard time with it.

With my first dog, Belle, I wasn't home the few days following her spay. She wouldn't eat or play (once she felt better) and got really, really skinny! I was so shocked when I got home. She was also older, about 1 yr old when we had her spay.

With our puppy, Penny, we decided to get her spayed before she goes into heat...and we're having it done Monday.

So I guess my question is....What does a dog act like who is spayed under "normal" conditions? i.e. I'm not leaving this time! I'll be home almost all the time. Can I expect her to eat like normal and play like normal once she feels a little better? Or does spaying always mess a dog up?
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The anesthetic does make them feel queasy, so sometimes they don't feel like eating for a few days. A younger pup might have a better appetite than an older dog.

My dogs have always gone right back to normal after they've recovered from the anesthetic (can be up to 48 hours to be fully recovered from it). So much so that I worried about their activity levels and whether they'd pull their stitches.

It also depends on the dog's personality. Some dogs are big babies and like to milk their pains for all they're worth, and some dogs just shrug it off and go play. And some in between.
One of my dogs was spayed 2 years ago when she was 6 months. She had no problem at all with the spaying, had an appetite the day after and was full of energy.

Just make sure that your dog doesn't do too much. I had my 6 month old puppy spayed last Tuesday and she was the same way, normal appetite, very active. We ran into some complications with her though....

Because she was so active she pulled her stitches apart which meant an emergency vet trip for her and a near nervous breakdown for me.

I wouldn't worry, most dogs have no problems with the stitches at all, and your girl should be fine. Just keep an eye on her and maybe try keeping her confined to a small area (or a crate would be even better) so she can't do too much, and use an e-collar so she can't get to the stitches.

Good luck, and I'm sure everything will be fine!
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The vet place just called. They said she is doing fine, but still groggy so they want to keep her for a few more hours.

What does that mean...should I be worried? My first dog was ready to get at 2pm, this one won't be ready until 5.....:confused::(
Don't worry, sometimes the anesthesia lasts a bit longer with some dogs. My lab mix was groggy for 2 days afterwards, but my newest puppy was totally awake and aware the night she was spayed. My vet doesn't like to send dogs home until they've had a chance to sleep off the anesthesia. He said they have to be able to stand up and move around pretty well before they can go home. That's probably the case with your dog.
Thanks Gina. I just worry about my baby :( I'll feel better once she's home with moma

yay!! She's home!! She seems okay. Very lethargic (sp) and whiney. Belle is being good with her, not trying to play just sniffing her. Penny ate a little (scarfed it down! lol) and hasn't thrown up...so we'll see :) I'm glad to have her home!!
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