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My puppy pees in house with boyfriend but not me help!!!

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Me and my boyfriend just got a new puppy named misty and she is around 14 weeks. My boyfriend works during the day and I stay at home to take care of misty. During the day she only pees in the house two times if that and the other times she goes potty outside. When my boyfriend gets home he takes over while I go get ready for bed and he will take her outside and she won’t pee but once he comes inside with her she pees inside the house. He yells at her when she goes potty in the house. I wonder if that maybe had something to do with it. Please help I’m not sure what to do
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Does the Misty sneak off to pee when your boyfriend's watching her? If so, I'd say yes, she's absolutely afraid to potty in front of him because of the yelling. You pretty much never want to yell at a puppy for potty accidents - they're essentially toddlers, without full control of their bladder/bowels and with an underdeveloped ability to recognize when they need to potty unless it's extremely urgent. Therefore their control over having accidents is really minimal, and trying to punish them for something they can't control just makes them confused and scared to potty in front of the person doing the punishing.

Interrupting a puppy having an accident with a neutral sound (I like to use 'whoops' or 'uh-oh', because it's hard to sound angry when saying them) and rushing them outside to finish is fine, and of course rewarding enthusiastically when they do finish outside. If you find an accident after it's happened, it's far too late to teach the dog anything, so the best course of action is to clean it up with minimal fuss. The old 'rub their nose in it' method just teaches a dog, again, that the person doing the punishing is scary and unpredictable around pee/poo indoors, not that their past action of pottying indoors caused the punishment. It's not really worth risking damaging the trust your pup has in you to punish at all with potty training.
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