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My puppy pees in house with boyfriend but not me help!!!

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Me and my boyfriend just got a new puppy named misty and she is around 14 weeks. My boyfriend works during the day and I stay at home to take care of misty. During the day she only pees in the house two times if that and the other times she goes potty outside. When my boyfriend gets home he takes over while I go get ready for bed and he will take her outside and she won’t pee but once he comes inside with her she pees inside the house. He yells at her when she goes potty in the house. I wonder if that maybe had something to do with it. Please help I’m not sure what to do
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I have a similar issue with Ozzy. My OH works during the day and i'm home with Ozzy to train him. In the evening when i'm doing my thing and my OH takes him outside to do his business, he wants to come in right away bc i'm there. So my OH has to be serious and bring him deeper into the yard and stay with him until he pees outside, at which point immediately his action is marked and given a ton of praise. Then he come back inside the house.

When we are going potty, we don't play outside, we go straight to potty, then if he wants to play outside, we do. But potty is the primary reason we are going outside and I want to make that clear.

My OH also raises his voice very sternly when Ozzy barks too much or busts though a barrier ect. I try to tell him to chill with that because as mentioned all that teaches the pup is that your BF is scary and doesn't like to see him do whatever he's yelling at him for. I hope you are able to explain this to him and I hope he accepts it.

Ozzy is 11 weeks old but I have to say using positive reinforcement is really working to get the points across.

Also I know it's a PITA, but it's important to try and limit as much as possible your pup going in the house. This means (in the beginning) taking her out every hour in case she has to go. Once it looks like she is getting the idea, I really watched Ozzy and extended it to every 2-3hours, but he's really good at holding it so it depends on the dog themselves. If he doesn't go after 5 mins, I bring him back in and try again in an hour or so.

Just saying what we did for Ozzy, hoping it helps at least a little bit!
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