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My puppy keeps freezing up and stares at nothing

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My puppy is a 5 month old maltipoo who got spayed 3 days ago. She hasn’t been taking it well and seems very depressed, which we expected. Shes been eating fine and her water intake is a little low. Yesterday was a little bit better but we started to notice some weird behavior. She will just sit with her head drooped and stare at nothing. Even when we go over there and see her or pet her she still doesn’t move. After about 20 seconds or so shell snap out of it if we snap or get her direct attention. Im not sure if this is something that we should be worried about or something that is normal after a spay.

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Contact the Vet who did the spay surgery.

That is very young for this procedure. Complications are more probable on small breeds.
Definitely contact your vet. If she's on pain medication, it could be a reaction to the drug.
That is pretty young, I had one dog spayed and she had complications. She started with some weird behavior. I would just watch her very closely. If anything seems very odd like Swaying with her head back and forth, not drinking any water, etc. Bring her to the vet. My dog had ended up dying from her complications. It wasn't the vets fault at all she just didn't take it well. She seemed fine but she would lay around, acted depressed, eventually she quite eating and drinking, an infection set in and she died. She was almost 7 months. Ever since then I have never had any of my dogs spayed/neutered.
Now I know people are probably not agreeing with my decision not to spay/neuter. Normally I don't have two dogs of opposite sex. I normally have male dogs just because they aren't as emotional as females because they don't have a heat. If I have two dogs of the opposite sex I keep them separate especially when I know shes about to go into heat. I have never had an accidental litter. So I have no problem with it. I normally just buy males though.
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Dogs can safely be sterilized as young as 8 weeks, and a dog can have reactions to anesthesia and/or medications at any age. My late Rat Terrier was neutered at 5 months, and lived to nearly fourteen,
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Yeah I'm not saying they cant be safely done. I am just saying I prefer not to have the procedure done on my dogs.
Lets not veer off to a pro/anti- spay discussion. The dog is already spayed so it's not a question of whether to spay her or at what age. Focus, people.

Off-topic posts will be deleted.
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I would just watch her closely and follow your gut you know your dog best. Then again her staring off at nothing might just be part of her depression phase. I would just spend extra time with her try to cheer her up maybe and see if that helps.
Please talk to your vet these moments of absence may not be connected to the spay and may indicate a neurological problem.
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