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My puppy is trying to extort treats from me!

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My Colonial Cocker Spaniel puppy is just over 4 months old and not doing too badly with learning the rules about toileting. Although hardly a day goes by where there isn't an accident inside. I think it's usually caused by excitement (or sometimes anxiety). She gets very excited when I return home and usually springs a leak then as well.

The method I used for toilet training was to take her ever hour to the designated toilet spot, say "go-toilet" and praise and treat is she was successful. She's now started going to the door when she wants to pee which I thought was a great sign. Recently, however, she has started going to the door and when I let her out she pretends to wee! She will squat for a few seconds, leave nothing by dry paving and then look at me as if to say "where's my treat?". I don't give her treats for pretending.

It's only a problem because I don't know if she's serious about needing to pee and I don't want to be letting her out every ten minutes for phantom peeing in an attempt to get a treat.

Are puppies normally this cunning? Do you think she will stop in time when she realises she doesn't get paid for phantom pee?
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Yes, yes they are. I have a one year old mutt at home and he comes up with new extortion ways every single day. First it was ripping up toilet paper if i said no, then it was scratching the walls and chewing the linoleum whenever i went to work, then it was fake allergy scratching (i have another dog that has severe allergies and she always gets more attention than him whenever she has these allergy attacks), then it was biting other people when I gave them attention instead of giving it to him and then lest week we reached a whole new level. He was diagnosed with colitis a couple weeks ago and i had to cook for him every day (rice and chicken) for 5 days. He loved the diet and felt much better when the antibiotics kicked in. We then slowly introduced him back to dry dog food (the same one he's been eating for months now) and at first he ate it but still ran to the kitchen whenever i was cooking because he thought it was for him. After three days he developed diarrhea again and we had to put him back on the rice diet. He seemed fine in a few days and we changed back to dog food (all of this was done according to the vet). He still ran to the kitchen whenever i was cooking and seemed visibly upset when it wasn't his rice. His poop was completely solid, he has been behaving completely normal since the antibiotics, he's definitely not sick anymore. Two days ago he suddenly got diarrhea again and we were all very confused as to why because nothing changed and he couldn't be sick again. The moment i cooked his rice (he hasn't even eaten it by that point) he was immediately cured of everything. I've never seen a dog this happy before. After consulting with the vet we then realized this was a new way of extortion. Basically he got upset he didn't get what he wanted and then stressed himself out to the point of getting diarrhea.
So yes, dogs are insanely smart.
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I'm not saying it's a complex plan but it is definitely a form of manipulation. We play with him everyday for hours at a time, we go on long walks and i take him with me on runs. I walk and run about 30 kilometers a day with him, meaning he walks about 70. There is literally nothing more i can do for him.
He stresses himself out to this point and he always gets his way whenever he does things like these, ergo, he manipulates me.
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