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My puppy is trying to extort treats from me!

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My Colonial Cocker Spaniel puppy is just over 4 months old and not doing too badly with learning the rules about toileting. Although hardly a day goes by where there isn't an accident inside. I think it's usually caused by excitement (or sometimes anxiety). She gets very excited when I return home and usually springs a leak then as well.

The method I used for toilet training was to take her ever hour to the designated toilet spot, say "go-toilet" and praise and treat is she was successful. She's now started going to the door when she wants to pee which I thought was a great sign. Recently, however, she has started going to the door and when I let her out she pretends to wee! She will squat for a few seconds, leave nothing by dry paving and then look at me as if to say "where's my treat?". I don't give her treats for pretending.

It's only a problem because I don't know if she's serious about needing to pee and I don't want to be letting her out every ten minutes for phantom peeing in an attempt to get a treat.

Are puppies normally this cunning? Do you think she will stop in time when she realises she doesn't get paid for phantom pee?
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Thank you all for the responses.

@LeoRose I've read a lot of stuff about how to deal with excited pee-ers, what you have suggested is how I handle it. Some say ignore her for 20 minutes when you get home but that's not why I have a dog - I love that she wants to greet us when we get home and I look forward to seeing her too - a little pee isn't a big deal and I'm sure she will grow out of it.

She is doing great to be honest, she has even mostly mastered loose leash walking :)

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