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My puppy is trying to extort treats from me!

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My Colonial Cocker Spaniel puppy is just over 4 months old and not doing too badly with learning the rules about toileting. Although hardly a day goes by where there isn't an accident inside. I think it's usually caused by excitement (or sometimes anxiety). She gets very excited when I return home and usually springs a leak then as well.

The method I used for toilet training was to take her ever hour to the designated toilet spot, say "go-toilet" and praise and treat is she was successful. She's now started going to the door when she wants to pee which I thought was a great sign. Recently, however, she has started going to the door and when I let her out she pretends to wee! She will squat for a few seconds, leave nothing by dry paving and then look at me as if to say "where's my treat?". I don't give her treats for pretending.

It's only a problem because I don't know if she's serious about needing to pee and I don't want to be letting her out every ten minutes for phantom peeing in an attempt to get a treat.

Are puppies normally this cunning? Do you think she will stop in time when she realises she doesn't get paid for phantom pee?
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Smart puppy. She's learned that doing something you want gets her a reward. That's more than half the battle, right there.

I agree with petpeeve, give a single low value reward and a simple good girl for "pretending" to pee, and the good stuff and a party for actual elimination, even if it's just a couple of drops.

Also, Cockers are one of the breeds known for having excited pee-ers. I know it's hard, but low key greetings and taking her outside immediately while ignoring the dribbles (cleaning them up thoroughly afterward, of course) is usually the best way to deal with it.
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