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My 20 week old Bichon x Cavalier Bailey has been coughing occasionally at night. This first started in the middle of last week. He coughed once (a terrible awful gagging sound) and then stopped. I took him out of his crate and gave him some water, and he went to sleep. This has happened a few other times, once every other day or so.

I know the logical culprit would be kennel cough, but he was vaccinated at 9 or 10 weeks. Actually, he was a rescue pup and there was a chihuahua in the shelter with him who did have KC. They sent me home with amoxicillin "just in case" but he never developed any symptoms then. This was 10 weeks ago and I'm no expert but am assuming the incubation period for KC isn't quite that long ;) Also, Bailey has been to the vet 3 times since I got him and his lungs have been clear.

Any thoughts on what this might be? I'm just a little nervous being a new mom. We have a vet appointment this coming Saturday--think I can wait until then or should I try to get him in sooner?
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