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Although routine is an important part of dog ownership, the dog must also be okay with that routine being messed up sometimes. Life happens. The dog must learn to adapt.

While you are both home, I would place the pup in a pen with some toys, or perhaps a yummy chew. This will limit his ability to solicit attention and ramp himself up by trying to be part of everything. It will force him to self-occupy and encourage him to choose to chew his toys. He will likely demand bark at first, and you should ignore it.

Also, don't fall for the "the dog must be entertained 24/7" thing. The dog does not need every last scrap of your attention. Train and exercise him as you have been doing, of course, but once his needs have been met, the dog has to learn to chill. Sometimes you need to help this by management, such as placing him in a pen or crate to limit his choices. He probably won't like it at first, but as he gets older he will learn to make the correct choice by himself without the need for a pen or crate. It's okay for you to pop him in his crate so you and your husband can have dinner together.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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