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My puppy has never peed outside

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I live in China in a high-rise building and my girlfriend and I got a puppy right before Christmas. They believe here in China you do not take the puppy outside until it has had all of its shots so we have not taken her out until about a few weeks ago. She still has never gone to the bathroom outside. She will wait to come in and go inside her crate. This is good because she is not making a mess in the home but how do I get her to go outside. I will wait for an hour and she will not go. We live on the 25th floor so it is not so easy to just run her outside very quickly. Thank you for any advice!
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If she knows to go on a potty pad, you could try putting one of those on the ground outside.
Or, you could get one of those fake grass potty spots to keep inside to get her used to the feeling of going on grass. Be sure to praise he a lot if she goes outside!
good call, I will try to take a pad next time.
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I took her outside this morning right after eating and took a pad. I found a patch of grass outside and put the pad on it and let her explore and get used to the grass. There was even poop from other dogs for her to smell. We stayed out for 45 minutes and finally came back inside. Not five minutes after we came back in she peed and pooped twice. I do not know how to get her to go outside!!! I did not give her a treat this time for going in her crate, I am trying to get her out of the habit of going inside even if she is going in the correct place. I am out of ideas.
-Have you tried bringing a pad that she already peed on or some of her poop outside? If she smells her own there, she may make the connection.

-I don't know if it's possible in your situation, but I've actually heard of some people just staying outside with their puppy the whole day- eventually she'll need to go, which gives you the opportunity to reinforce heavily.

-And since you said she went right after, I realize in your home you cannot take her out in time if you realize she's about to, but there are 2 potential solutions: a) once she goes upon you taking her inside, take her (and the dirty potty pad) outside, to at least build an association with going outside. b) if she makes a habit of this, take her inside for just a moment, then go right back out.

-Another tip is to not go somewhere with so much to smell- even if it's other dog's poop. You want the area where you are teaching her to go potty to be boring. It may be that she's too stimulated and distracted while outside, and so she forgets that she needs to go potty. Then she comes inside, is no longer so distracted, and so she "remembers". Go to whatever place is the most boring (from the dog's perspective, not the human's- sometimes this is challenging) and stay there- don't make yourself to interesting by asking her to potty. Don't let your dog wander around too much, but also don't keep her right by your side, as she may be "potty shy". Stay there for as long as it takes for her to become bored- it's quite possible that she will potty then. Don't let her play or sniff outside until after she's gone potty.

-Also- you said you have her going in her crate? Does she have a bed or some other clean space where she can be? It's possible that having her potty spot in her "den" is confusing her, because it's almost saying that there aren't rules about where to potty.

-Here's a link to a discussion on another forum:
Potty training nightmare
you may find it helpful, although it's a somewhat different situation
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