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My puppy has an eye infection. Any vets here? or anyone knowledgeable? PLS HELP ME :(

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Yesterday, I checked my puppy and her eye was normal (color, size, etc.) and today, I woke up around 10AM, my brother told me her eye (puppy's) is bluish-whitish in color. I want to be practical and I need to seek advice as to what treatment I can give my puppy. I really want to bring her to the vet but I can't afford right now nor will my father want to. Yes, it's depressing, I know.

So, please help me. This will mean sooooo much to me. :(

Attached is the picture of my puppy's eye. Hope the picture will help for analysis or whatever.

Thanks in advance everyone here in dogforums.
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I don't know if anyone noticed that the op is in the Philippines. I doubt they have the help there most posts mentioned. I do agree the dog desperately needs to see a vet.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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