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My puppy has an eye infection. Any vets here? or anyone knowledgeable? PLS HELP ME :(

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Yesterday, I checked my puppy and her eye was normal (color, size, etc.) and today, I woke up around 10AM, my brother told me her eye (puppy's) is bluish-whitish in color. I want to be practical and I need to seek advice as to what treatment I can give my puppy. I really want to bring her to the vet but I can't afford right now nor will my father want to. Yes, it's depressing, I know.

So, please help me. This will mean sooooo much to me. :(

Attached is the picture of my puppy's eye. Hope the picture will help for analysis or whatever.

Thanks in advance everyone here in dogforums.
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Definitely does not look good. I don't think I'd have any advice other than the vet. I doubt any human treatments will fix the eye. You might try contacting your local shelter or ASPCA to see if they have any programs that can help you pay for the vet.....good luck.
I appreciate your effort to reply. Okay, will try to do that. I am really worried, just looking at her eye. :(

That's not just an infection...it looks like traumatic injury. A vet is necessary if the eye is to be saved, and, even if you don't care if your dog is blind in one eye, most likely other treatment will be necessary to prevent the infection from spreading to the other eye.

Yes, call ALL the animal welfare agencies in your area (check petfinder.com and your phone book). Hopefully there will be a low-cost clinic or health care grant available to you and your dog.
Really? Okay, I am trying to convince my father now. thank you too. :'-)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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