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Hello, I'm new to this site and on here simply for some help from fellow dog owners. I'm pretty new to being a dog owner myself, yet have had dogs my entire life. My dog, Maya, used to have a really good temperament. She sticks close by me, which made me continuously take her to the off-leash dog park and roam around. She used to NEVER have an issue with other dogs or other humans, yet something must have flipped. My sister and her two kids moved in some time ago and left a few months later. Since then, Maya has been having issues with other dogs and other humans. She lunges at other humans and dogs while on walks in attempt to nip at them and will bark at anyone who comes too close to us. I MUST note that she has developed a very high anxiety and will randomly go into fits of nervousness and will stick VERY close by me at all times, but will calm down again later on. I want to say her aggression is anxiety related, however, I don't officially know.

I'm worried she's going to bite someone and really injure them to the point I have to lose her. Can someone help me or give me advice on things to do to help calm her down? Or help with her anxiety so we can work on her aggression? I really don't want to have to give her up or put her down.

Would MORE exercise help a lot? Quarantine hasn't been good to my body so running can definitely be a fantastic option for the both of us!

PS. I'm going to talk to my vet today and see if she can lead me in the right direction, though, I can NEVER have enough advice! Thank you in advance!
you need a doctor
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