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My pup has food allergies, what should i feed her?

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First time post here!
Long story short, we recently decided to go ahead with allergy testing for my 8 month old labradoodle. It turns out she is alergic to: Chicken, Pork, Duck, Wheat, Soy, Potatoes, Eggs, and Pea. Ive been treating her for an overgrowth of bacteria for about 5 weeks now and we've been feeding her a prescription diet of hydolized protein, however it is soy based. Although she seems in good spirits, her poops are not the way id like them to be. They start out fine, and as the day goes on they get mushier and mushier. I'm looking to change her food because i think she is having a reaction to the soy protein, which may also be prohibiting her from fully healing from the overgrowth of bacteria. I guess im just looking for some recommendations on foods that my pup can handle. I dont want to cook her food for the rest of my life. I've been researching Evanger's canned dog food. Can anyone back this brand up? TIA
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You have my sympathy because I've been through the same thing with one of mine. Basically I went to a specialty pet store that has dozens of brands of kibble and went through every one looking for something that didn't have any of Story's triggers. And found only one limited ingredient food that came close - it only had one thing: alfalfa. Since alfalfa is used as a supplement, there wouldn't be a lot of it in the food, and I put her on that. The skin problems stopped, but her coat went to hell. Which is why I now feed raw.

So you'll have to do the same, go through every food you can reasonably acquire, read the ingredients, and try to find something that suits. You can research on the internet, but for once, I found going to that store and reading ingredients on sacks easier than online.

So raw fixed it for us, but I even had the unhappy experience of settling on a base diet for raw that made covering all nutritional needs easier. It was the only base diet that didn't have something she reacted to in it, and it was great for a year. Then all of a sudden she had the worst outbreak of skin problems ever. I suspect they changed their formula without notice. It could be she developed an intolerance to something that hadn't previously triggered her, but the outbreak was so sudden and so great I suspect a formula change.

Then there's the problem that she wasn't tested for everything in the world. I read about coconut oil, tried it, and bingo! Hot spot. She wasn't tested for coconut oil.
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Thank you for your response. These past 6 months have been pretty carzy for us with our pup and her diet. What raw brand do you use?
I'm not using a brand. I get what are called grinds which are the meat ground with 10% bone and 10% organs. That's because I'm old enough that "don't feed your dog bones" still rings in my head, and there's no way I can give a dog an actual bone to consume. So it's my compromise. Then I add my own veggie and fruit mix. Run it through the blender and freeze small amounts. Then there's supplements like fish oil. I won't kid you, it's expensive, and it's a PITA compared to kibble. There are people who keep costs down with cooperatives and trolling butchers for deals, etc., but the only coop in this area has stuff I don't like the quality of, and I'm at a point in life where I'd rather spend the money than spend time looking for deals.

So I used the base mix because it had everything in it and made life easier, but since that didn't work, I'm back to grinds and adding stuff myself. The frozen complete raw diets would be even easier, but of course you pay for each level of convenience, and a Rottweiler needs a lot to eat, as does a Labradoodle.
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