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My pup barked at me, normal?

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My 4 month old pup, Daisy, barked at me a little while ago. I've been sick all day and my boyfriend has been at work so we haven't had the chance to take her for a walk. I've never owned a puppy before. Is it possible it was just a playful bark?
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Yeah, barking is really normal. There could be a lot of reasons that Daisy is barking at you, she might want attention, she might want to play, she might want to go outside or she might just need to let off some energy. She could just be excited! Don't worry about the barking too much while she is so young.

Follow Doxiemommy's advice about the way to react to your dog when she tugs your hair. A loud cue should be enough to get her to stop doing it but believe me, it will take time.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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