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My pup barked at me, normal?

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My 4 month old pup, Daisy, barked at me a little while ago. I've been sick all day and my boyfriend has been at work so we haven't had the chance to take her for a walk. I've never owned a puppy before. Is it possible it was just a playful bark?
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Besides playing, it can also be asking for attention. You're sick (sorry) and your boyfriend is gone, so she may just have some energy pent up!
For the hair biting/tugging, I would suggest that you check out the sticky "The Bite Stops Here". This has great info.

Find a sound that gets your pup's attention (and doesn't get her more excited). For some people that can be a yelp, or you can say HEY or OUCH (not in an angry way, just loud). Make that sound when she tugs on your hair. If you pick the right sound, it should make her stop and look. Then, you can go back to playing with her or whatever you were doing.
If she goes right back to tugging, make the noise again, but this time also leave the area, so that she loses times with you. Not for long, just 20-30 seconds. Then, go back to what you were doing.

It's a hassle, but do this EVERY time she tugs at hair, so that she realizes she will lose contact with you when she does it. You CAN gradually increase the time you leave the area, maybe up to a minute or two.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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