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my pregnant dog

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My dog abb is pregnant and shes due in two days. i am so happy.

does anyone have any advise on dog birthing that i could use?

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Don't you have a breeder as a mentor that you can ask these questions? I'm going to put this in health and hope you don't get flamed.

In the mean time, here are some articles you may find helpful (from simple google search you could have done yourself). Anything beyond this, you probably need to talk to your vet about.

Whelping Information

Pregnancy & Birth in Dogs - whelping and breeding information

Puppies: Newborn Puppy Care & Caring for Nursing Dogs

Care and Feeding of Bitches and Puppies
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Include rescuers in the groups that 'look down' on BYB.

It's not that we feel that NOBODY should breed, it's that we feel that breeding should be done SELECTIVELY and CAREFULLY. We also believe that breeders should be responsible for the pups they produce for the LIFETIME of the puppy.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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