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My poor Quincy pie....

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Quincy my nearly 5 year old crested has always had skin senstivity, he is hairless so the issues really are apparent when they appear. He will often rub himself raw on my couch, his neck will carry a wound for a few days than disappear it always leaves a scar....This morning I woke up and found these brusies on him...no idea whats happened, I am guessing he was scratching himself a bit to vigerous and bruised himself (I know thats happened a lot) ...I bought a new shampoo and I suspect he is allergic to it making him itch...so I guess we will go back to baby shampoo for him. Could also be the when he and Ruby were playing they got to hyper, that happens also though in the month we have had her this would be the first time any marks were left.....

He has a very poor judge of distnace and is always tripping and falling, going up the steps, down teh steps, up on the couch, bed or his chair, so it could be also that he has tripped who knows...I wish he could talk to me so I would know how to stop this from happening.

On a happier note ...Quincy is MUCH happier with Ruby around, I have seen him play and run like I never have before, he is a happy guy...though I wish he would stop trying to hump Roo, she is just to little for that kind of thing. Hopefully when she gets spayed in 2 months that it will stop.

Pics of his newest bruising :(

Him and Roo having a suggle after a play session.

ETA: I figured out where the bruises came from...they match my footboard, so he must have been up against it all night in bed.....Gonna buy some padding for the foot board I guess so this won't happen again.
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