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My poor poor traumatized puppy! People are so DUMB

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Some people are so DUMB I just had to rant it out on here. So yesterday I went to my soccer game, along with my friend. I brought Sam (3 month old Yorkie pup) since he'd been cooped up all day and I figured he'd enjoy the otudoors. My friend is great with him and was going to watch him for me. Halfway through the game her bladder is about to burst and sicne she can't exactly take the puppy along with him to the outhouse she asks the lady next to her (the mom of one of the girls on the team, I've actually known the family for a really long time and as has my friend) just to watch him. He's tied to her lawn chair happily chewing away on his bone so it's not much work for her. A few minutes later I turn around to see this woman holding my dog IN THE AIR! He's wearing a halter THANK GOD or he'd be choked to death but she is DANGLING MY DOG FROM THE AIR AND MAKING HIM "DANCE"!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully another woman rescued him and berated this lady like crazy before I could get off the field to do so. Luckily for her she left early because I would've defiatnely caused a scene. I can't believe someone thinks that's okay to do to a dog?!?!? Poor Sam was crazy after that! He was nipping everyone and everything that came near him and whimpering like mad. He's okay now but I'm still angry. Anyone else had this happen to them??
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That is so sad! I would have been so angry!! Just be sure to get him out and expose him to more positive people now, because that may scar him a bit.
Too bad there isn't a pill for stupidity. It would be the most prescribed pill out there. I am sorry this happened to your pup.
Just so I understand: You had a friend to watch YOUR dog, who, in turn, asked another friend to watch your dog.

Sorry, I would not take my dogs anywhere where I was unable to personally take responsibility for them.
My friend has had dogs her whole life and we are looking to move in together so pretty soon this dog is going to become both our dog. I agree that it would have been best to leave him home since I couldn't fully watch him, but I trust her completely and she is more than well educated and qualified to care for a dog. While I couldn't take full responsiblity for him at the time, I did the second best thing and found someone that could. Would you let your husband/wife take care of your dog? Same scenario in this case, except she's not my SO but my friend.

She was only gone for 3 minutes tops. She only asked the woman to keep an eye on him so he wasn't completely unsupervised as he was laying down, chewing his toy and getting ready for a nap. The woman is a family friend (whose husband coincedantally is a vet and they have 3 dogs!) so it wasn't a complete stranger who had no dog sense.

Sorry if this is a defensive post but I just don't think I deserve to be basically labelled as irresponsible for this womans stupidity. I feel guilty enough already and I am defiantely going to be more cautious next time, but I don't think I'm wrong with allowing someone I know and trust to watch my pet while I'm present. What happened at the game wasn't because I wasn't a responsible dog owner but because some idiot woman thought that my dog's small size made him a plaything, not a living thing.
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