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I am reposting this because I don't want to retype it all and go back to being upset all over again.

So here is the story. Two weeks ago or so Hunter started scratching like crazy. CONSTANTLY. I told me husband, who blew it off. Two days later I got pissed at his blaise attitude and took the dog to the vet myself. She looked him over and asked if I gave him a flea preventative. I told her I did not and that I have not noticed fleas since I moved to where I live now almost four years ago. She then said she found a flea. Of course, I didn't see it. I know it only takes one flea to have allergic reactions. Hunter has had fleas in the past but I know allergies can manifest out of nowhere so I bought the darn flea meds she suggested. I asked her if it could be mange or something else because it just didn't scream "It's FLEAS" to me. She said this should take care of the problem and not to worry about doing skin scrapings or anything. She gave me antibiotics and antihistamine.

This is what his ear looked like when I brought him in to the vet (Tuesday)

And here it is today (Sunday)

He is STILL scratching. I don't know what it could be if its not skin mites of some kind. Is he allergic to raw?

It might just be my mind playing tricks on me but I am noticing Dozer is starting to scratch too. Sigh.

Anyways, this is what I am dealing with right now. I am calling the vet tomorrow and I am pissed. DO they expect me to pay ANOTHER vet visit when I was just there and brought up testing for mites? I am not the type to DEMAND things or I would have demanded it last time. The possibility of paying more money really makes me mad but even more so having to watch Hunter suffer. If they charge me again I am switching all my animals to another vet. Who is to say he didn't pick up this lone flea at the office? I am just PISSED.
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