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My poodle has patella luxation

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We got her from the local animal control dept at 7mths. I suspect she's confiscated from puppy mill breeders.

She's really active and loves running around. Just a week ago she had an incident where she was running and jumping about, and suddenly started screaming and holding her left hind leg up. She was in great pain and started peeing on the spot.

Half hour after the incident she seemed fine and could walk around with just a hint of a limp. We brought her to the vet who told us she has shallow grooves on her knee joints and her knee joint popped out injuring her ligament. We were given a course of anti inflammatory and pain relief.

She didn't seem in much pain after that... HOWEVER, over the 1 week that passed I noticed her hind left knee joint is still popping out and she stumbles occasionally when she exerts the left hind leg too much(I would attribute the stumble to the injured ligament). That joint doesn't seem as stable as before. We brought her back to the vet for a review who referred us to a orthopedic vet. I am terrified of sending her for surgery and would like to avoid it as much as possible.

I'm now doing some research on the condition patella luxation so that I know what to ask the orthopedic vet.

Can anyone share their experiences with me? Especially those who own toy poodles? Just how much difference will surgery make?

I would appreciate any additional opinions from the vets in this forum too.

Many thanks for your time!
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My pug has pateller Lux, diagnosed when he was 5 1/2 and it's mild. If she's having problems limit her to on leash walking only, no jumping or running allowed. Start her on a good fish body oil as it's a natural anti inflamitory and some joint support supplements may help her as well. Get the x-rays done and consult with the ortho vet so you can see the extent of her problem, if it hasn't progressed too much you may be able to treat with Physical therapy and supplements for quite a while.
There are different grades of patellar luxation, and it was are luck that our French Bulldog had the worst grade in both patellas. So surgery was the only option for us. Turns out the "good breeder" we thought we were going to turned out to be not so stellar. Bug's mom had luxating patellas.

I agree with cshellenberger, you can quite possibly get by with therapy and supplements, but I would wait till you see the ortho vet and discuss your options. Surgery worked great for my dog, and the vet we did made the incisions on the inside of the legs so the scars are not visible unless you pick her up.
Thanks for the advice! I really hope hers is mild, what sort of therapy is typically done for such conditions? The vet said it will eventually lead to degenerative joint diseases like arthritis. I dread that... I guess I can't do much about that?
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