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As some of you may remember, I'm doing a statistics project regarding Dog Bite-Related Fatality numbers. What I thought was going to be an insanely difficult project is actually quite easy; during last night and tonight, I wrote a total of ten pages, complete with math formulas, graphs, and the like. Very professional looking; I love it.

Part of the project was testing Breed Misidentification. Though it's not really the main focus of my project, my "Find the APBT" game was one of my favorite things to collect data for. I'm still going to poll some people over the next few days, but I thought I'd show you the results I have so far.

I'd post the pictures, but I probably broke some copyrights out there by using them. :eek:

Anyway, here are the numbers for people's guesses:

American Bulldog: 17
American Pit Bull Terrier: 13
Dogo Argentino: 9
Boston Terrier: 5
Bull Terrier: 4
Bullmastiff: 3
Boxer: 2
Whippet: 2
Cane Corso: 2
English Bulldog: 1
South African Boerboel: 1
Ca de Bou: 1
Doberman Pinscher: 1
Viszla: 1

So, only 20.9% picked the right dog on the first try.

The American Bulldog is a white, brindle-patched male from working lines.
The APBT is a red, red-nosed female who I believe is a UKC champion (or, at least, the offspring of one). She has natural semi prick ears.
The Dogo is white with cropped ears.

Of course, this is not entirely statistically sound, but I think it's some pretty interesting stuff. Thoughts?

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Hm, you forgot to add Rottweilers to your list. I cannot tell you how often people ask me if my dog is a Pit Bull. Might have skewed your results even more. :)
Now that you have 10 pages though, I wouldn't suggest you re-do it. ;) :)

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Inga, Rottweiler is on the list, along with a bunch of others, but surprisingly none of the 62 people picked it in the poll. I also included the Rott in my discussion of the dog bite related fatalities (along with Pits, GSDs, Huskies, Malamutes, Dobes and Chows - the seven 'top killing breeds' per the CDC between 1979 and 1998. When adjusted for the population of a given dog breed, the numbers are a lot less scary. :)

I also included a summary of some possible hidden variables, including how individuals looking for attack dogs might be drawn to a particular breed, all of the small-breed biting incidents that go unreported, and of course, the big one.. breed mis-IDing.

Curb, I say it is not perfectly sound because 1) the population isn't completely random (though it is random from the point of view that I have no idea who knows what about dogs) and also 2) *I* may have unknowingly added my own biases when choosing pictures to represent each breed.

My professor is very interested in it. He told me he's a Husky/GSD mix owner. So maybe the Husky and Shep stats will hit close to home for him. Who knows.
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