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My new lab pup

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I changed her name from Maggie to Radha, it just suited her better

isn't she sweetness dipped in yellow!!!


lets all say AWWWWWW together shall we!
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I love her. Send this way?


I love her. Send this way?

Nope she's mine...all mine:p
Oh my. She is just so beautiful. I miss when Ludo was that small and cuddly. But I wouldn't trade him for the world (mostly because he doesn't pee in the house anymore!)
I have a matching one at my house, only black and male. And we just changed his name too! The thing is that we were the ones that came up with the original name! My sons think we are very weird but the name we picked just didn't gel for some reason. We are now calling him Bo'sun. It's a mate on a ship and since he'll be spending lots of time on and around the ocean in his life (had his first boat ride yesterday and loved it), it seems to fit. Now I need to start the name training over again!

P.S. I would put a picture in but I can't figure out how to insert a photo! I'll keep working on it.
Oh she is beautiful!! Pure sweetness!
awwwwwww! she is cute as a button!
gorgeous!! :)
awwwwwwww labs are my fav!!! She is sooo cute!!! :D
awwwwwww... you can't beat puppy sweetness.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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