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I have a dog that my daughter found about three months ago in the middle of the street. She took him to our vet and had him examined, he appears to be 13 years old, and looked to be in poor shape according to the vet. We kept him, but he showed some symptoms of cognitive dysfunction syndrome, so we started to treat him with Anipryl, but before we started him on the anipryl, he started to develop a whole new symptom, he has started clawing his face. He has had intense dental work, as pulling bad teeth, been examined by three separate vets, all say the same thing, they have no clue how to stop this new symptom, we have done antibiotics, we are on a new one as of now, we have done the steroids, treated for mites, none showed up with a scrap, but as the one vet said we are throwing everything at him. He will claw his face, cut his tongue doing it, bloody mess, it is heartbreaking to watch. Now we are just keeping him heavily sedated with 10mg of acepromazine, sometimes 15mg every six to eight hours as needed. The vet now is wondering if this is some kind of behavior thing that is associated with his CDS. Since I don’t have any history on this dog, I just want to give him some relief; the vet thinks someone dumped this dog because of his health and mental problems. So if you think you might know what might be the problem I am open for all ideas, at this point we are grabbing at straws, plus it breaks my heart to see him so sedated and out of it. It started with his left side of his mouth and now he appears to be doing both sides now, which leave them both looking ugly and raw, for he does it until he is tired, he has even hurt his paw with his clawing. He even spent the day in hospital so the vet could observe him, and she too saw the problem but has no idea what could cause this, since we have ruled out and treated just about everything.
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