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My mom wants to marry her dog and have puppies. What would she do?

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Greetings, Dog Forums.

my mom wants to marry her Maltese dog to a female dog and have puppies, but she is unsure on how to do it. We have two female dogs that were given surgery to prevent fertility, and we are thinking about a way we can have our male dog (who is the only one fertile) to have puppies. What ways do you suggest to have my dog conceive puppies with another dog? Adopting a new female dog? Finding a “service” where dogs are paired up with other dogs and make offspring? Or what do you suggest in this situation? We are finding some way we can have puppies with this dog in the Florida area.

Here is a photo of our dog for reference:

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Why do you want to breed the male dog? Cash return? For the dog's "fulfillment"?

Male dogs wouldn't give 2 growls about pups. Its not in their nature.

Frankly, YOU should probably have the male neutered.
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