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Hi everyone,

I'm new here today, and I am very sad about my little dog. First off, I have horses, and its been a long while since I've had a dog, but this little fella was a stray who arrived a couple of months ago, and now he's fully a part of the scene here at our house.

The terrible news is that he was hit by a car on Friday evening. I rushed him to the vet, and he was on fluids, steroids, antibiotics, the whole nine yards all weekend long. He's home today, but has been diagnosed with a head injury, which has left him very wobbly. He scampers around, but his personality has definitely changed and his front paw wants to fold up under him, especially on slippery surfaces, like the wood floor. He's better on rugs or grass.

I was lucky enough that my wonderful equine vet was on call on Friday evening, but over the weekend and today, we were, unfortunately, left in the uncapable hands of the other very surly, unpleasant vet at the practice. He was so abrupt, and almost seemed to enjoy telling me that my little Oliver might never get any better than he is right now, since he had made no more progress since Saturday. Has anyone here had a pet with a head trauma type injury before, and if so, could you please give me some idea of whether there is hope for him to improve beyond the stage he is right now? He was starving when he got home, so I'm happy that he seems to have his appetite back. I really don't think he ate anything while at the vet, and he looks to have lost weight, which I guess is normal considering the trauma of what happened to him.

I just can't give up the hope that he can still improve, especially since he's back in happy surroundings, eating and playing, and getting plenty of rest in his own little element. If anyone can share experiences where you've seen a dog gradually get better after a head injury, I would be so grateful for the encouragement.

Thanks so much!
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