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My little chihuahua/corgi was hit by a car....

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Head injuries are very unpredictible and it's hard to say what the long term effects of the accident will be. The fact that he's up and around is a good sign.

It could take up to several months to find out if or how bad the situation will be. All you can do is watch and wait.

As you odserve on a day to day basis, you may want to keep a video journal. You should also review it from time to time to see if you can detect any improvement or problems. This video journal can also be a great help to the vet in planning rehab and making care decisions.
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I'm not a vet, but good appetite has always been a good sign IMHO.

Plenty of rest; let him recover at his own speed.
BetterDog4U, thanks so much for your reply. I know you are right, and that any improvements will take take time and its a day to day thing right now. I'm just hoping so much that he gets back to the active little rascal that he was before this awful trauma.

Dog Tracks, thank you for your encouragement, and yes, I felt good that he was hungry this morning when he arrived home from the vet. He's a bit disoriented, but does seem glad to be home, sleeping as I type, in his little bed!
I'm so sorry this happened... I have no experience with head traumas in dogs but I know of humans that have made great progress after head injuries. The brain is quite complex and the healthy part can re-learn and begin to compensate for the injured part. Like with stroke survivors.

I wouldn't give up...I'm sure once all the swelling goes down he'll improve some more. I'd inquire with the vet about physical therapy as well (things you can do at home)

for Oliver.
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