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I have signed up as I consider myself a first-time owner, despite now having a second dog in my life after the first one has passed.

In November, my wife and I had to put down our Golden Retriever who was 15 1/2. He was "her" dog for all that time, and he accepted me into their family when we married 6 years ago.

In late December we adopted from a local shelter, and I have claimed this dog as my own. While I have some experience to draw from, and also my wife's knowledge, the new dog has a very different history and breed characteristics, so there is much learning for me to do as well.

We believe our new pup is a Jindo/Canaan mix, with also some smaller terrier breeds mixed in, as she is now full grown at 20 lbs (15 months), which is significantly smaller than the typical Jindo or Canaan. She was rescued from a meat farm in Korea, and while still somewhat skittish and unsure about many things, has warmed up to us nicely over the last 3 weeks.
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