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My Husky Has a Lump

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I have a 9 months husky and she has a pretty large lump on her neck and a couple smaller lumps on her legs and one on her side.

When I took her to the vet (VCA clinic) they said it's nothing serious, assured it can't be a cancer by the way it looked and felt, and they said she's too young to have a cancer. They suggested to wait a few months to see if it's going to go by itself. It didn't, but it didn't become bigger, probably it even shrinked a little.

I called last week to see if we could do a FNA and they suggested it's not necessary, 'dog's can live with it all life with no troubles', and suggested it would be over $500 if we still want to do it, but told that due to the current situation we'd have to make an appointment at a later date. I went to another vet, who never saw my dog before and asked to examine the lump and do the FNA if possible. The other vet told me basically the same, told that this is a cyst, and suggested that we only do FNA + Cleaning together (charged $2,600).

The lump doesn't look irritated, red, it looks like normal skin under the fur, it's not even visible unless you touch her specifically there. She doesn't seem to care when I touch it, or even if I squeeze it. It doesn't bother her (but it bothers me).
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Looks kindof like a sebatious lump. Check with your vet.
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