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I had a group of about 10 women at my house for an Arbonne pary. I was really worried about the dogs possibly just mugging them all night for attention. My fears were unfounded. They were angels. Cerbie did his rounds with the girls he knew love him and wanted to pet him. Brigit only jumped up when ppl came in, which is a huge improvement. Max even said hello to one of my friends, then he went to his bed. Cerb stayed in his bed most of the time, too. Brigit even sat in my lap calmly. I was so proud of them. The Arbonne lady even commented on it, as she has a spazzy boxer. She said "he's a rescue, so we've had a hard time training him". So I told her that all mine are rescues, it just takes a lot of work to get past some of their issues.

My cats, however, raided the table and ate our dip!:eek:
Who is it on here that has trained cats? I need to start on them now, that was unacceptable! My friend that made the dip thought it was funny that she made a dip that appeals to multiple species.
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