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my great dane puppies need your help please
I do not feed the puppies dry food because it is not available to us but i feed puppies fresh meal such Chicken ,egg yolk,Bread,Potato ...
I want to know the optimal nutrition so that I can grow great dane Puppies
How many grams of protein \ carbohydrates \ fats \ vitamins and minerals In the daily meals? i want to know the balanced diet To be puppies in good health to build muscle, skeleton and bone ....
please my great dane puppies need your help

Have a great day!
karim franc

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This site has a wealth of information on feeding dogs fresh foods. Perhaps you could order a suggested book that meets your goals?
As does this one.

Raw is by far easier to balance than cooked food, just feed mostly meat with a little liver and other organ and a little bone.

Here are actual numbers of what needs to be in the food though.

I figured out what my dog needed, made up recipes with my ingredients and could compare his needs to what the recipe provides by using this site.

Dogs don't need carbs except for calories and feeding meat, egg, fish, organs and dairy they get all they need if some bone or other calcium source is added. Some bone, a little goes a very long way. If you don't feed bone then use veggies for a source of bulk. Red meats like beef, pork, lamb and other mammal meats are more nutritious than chicken and other poultry. I wouldn't feed less than 50% meat to a dog and would prefer to feed at least 75% meats. I would rather not feed grains and starchy veggies to my dog but I would feed up to 25% of the diet as such if the budget requires it. The rest can be non starchy low calorie veggies.
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